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July, 2016 
Sale of a 7 acre industrial site in Oceanside for $4,900,000.

“Thank you so much for your successful efforts which resulted in the sale of the industrial property. It was a pleasure working with you and I would look forward to associating with you on future sales.”

-Colleen C. O'Harra
     Attorney & Professional Fiduciary


April, 2012
Property management of 60,000 sf Civic Center Plaza in San Marcos.

“I want to sincerely thank the two of you and your staff for the exceptional manor in which your company handled the property management of our retail center. From the time the first tenants moved into the recently completed center to the last day of the escrow closing with all the paper work that entails, you acted professionally and frequently went well beyond what was expected of you. I am deeply grateful for your nearly five years of management of this property and am pleased that you will be continuing to manage other properties for us.”

-P. Michael McDonald
     President of the McDonald Group


August, 2011
Property management and leasing of 29,000 sf commercial/industrial park in Carlsbad.

“I appreciate the job you are doing for me. Your experience, knowledge, and attitude give ma a comfort level that lets me sleep well at night and to fully enjoy time traveling.”

-Terry L. Footer
     A&T properties LLC


January, 2008
Property management of a 196 unit apartment complex in Solana Beach for 15 years prior to sale.

“I credit Ed for my ability to get top dollar upon sale due to his exceptional maintenance and management of the complex. He quickly and efficiently handled all aspects of the sale and achieved my asking price. There is absolutely no one I would recommend more highly, nor is there anyone else I would want to manage my properties. Ed is tops!”

-James M. Watkins
     President of Winners Circle Resorts International, Inc.



February, 2005
Property management, leasing, and consulting of 242,000 sf Camino Town and Country shopping Center in Oceanside.

“Without the vision that you had for the center and your ability to articulate it, as well as your creative leasing efforts, I do not believe that we would have paid the price that we did for the asset.”

-Christopher Nichelson
     Manager at Milan Properties LLC



May, 2010
Property management, leasing, and consulting of 242,000 sf Camino Town and Country shopping Center in Oceanside.

“Mr Engle and his staff were able to quickly gain control of outstanding management issues, which required a concentrated effort to correct. From CAM audits, CAM reconciliation issues, CAM payment issues, to simple collections of arrearage rents, his office was the hands-on operation that this asset required.”

“The performance of this asset has dramatically improved during Mr. Engle's management tenure. His recommendations, and directions on improvements and repairs, efforts to coordinate, supervise and see the projects through to completion have been extremely helpful to me in realizing asset value enhancement on a property that had been under-performing over the years.”

-Herman R Barros
     Barco Real Estate Management



May, 2002
Property management of a neighborhood shopping center in Escondido.

“Because I office in Orange County, having a knowledgeable, professional property manager near the center is essential and Ed Engle provides exactly what the center owners need. In short, I know the center is in capable hands with Asset Management Specialists."

-Jean Van Bergen
     Asset Property Manager


More references and testimonials available upon request

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